Patrick Suwala, M.OMSc

Manual Osteopathic Practitioner

Graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology from the University of Waterloo in 2015, Patrick then committed to an additional four years of education at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy in Hamilton. He graduated with the designation of Master in Practice of Osteopathic Manipulative Sciences (M. OMSc.) in 2020.

Patrick found his passion for learning the anatomy and physiology of the human body during his undergraduate studies and while swimming competitively and playing waterpolo. He was able to further enhance his understanding throughout the four years he was a volunteer teaching assistant in the human cadaver labs on the University campus.

Choosing to pursue Osteopathy was a decision Patrick made based on his appreciation for the art and science of the field of manual therapy. Having close family who work in the field helped him decide this was the right avenue for him and he has never looked back.